⚠ Hero Niches (Not Your Mom’s Template Club!) ⚠

This is not a template club –

Here at LocalOne we do things differently. We do things more. We do things better.

We’re not just going to send you a bunch of templates each month, so you can sit there, spending all month trying to figure out what to do with your templates or how to use them…

Instead, every month we are going to give you a complete Niche Domination power pack –

Complete with EVERYTHING you need to open up new niches,

Conquer them –

And profit from them right away.

Making your investment –

Your business –

AND your profits –

Go further.

Every month you are going to get:


Ready To Go Lead Magnet

$97 Value

Lead magnets that are PERFECT for your local clients to use to win new business. These are click-bait crack for their prospects - getting them red-hot emails eager to become customers.


Squeeze Page

$97 Value

To get fresh leads, you need a beautiful HTML squeeze page that converts like gangbusters. Every month you get a laser focused squeeze page aimed at sucking the maximum number of emails possible.


Your Quick-Start Niche Guide

$57 Value

These guides will teach you EVERYTHING you need about a niche before you attack it. Industry jargon, common customer pain points, FAQs, services for them to offer, and suggested services for YOU to offer (with pricing). This gives you the CONFIDENCE you need to approach new clients.


Ready-To-Go Facebook Ad Templates

$197 Value

Every month you’ll get a whole collection of ads to run, complete with eye catching images and high-converting copy. You can use these ads to get clients directly or drive to your squeeze pages – the choice is yours. BONUS: These ads are made in Canva so you can easily make changes without needing a designer!


Email Swipes Written By Our Top Copywriter

$197 Value

Your clients are collecting emails (right?!). Use these hot and ready swipes to gradually convert their cold leads into paying customers through a proven email sequence.


Giving you only the best and most profitable niches including

Med Spas
Hair Salons
Yoga Studios
Travel Agencies
And more…


LocalOne - Hero Niches - $27/m


LocalOne - Hero Niches - $97/yr

So you don’t need to spend time, money or effort getting these things done yourself, our professional in-house team work hard on these every single month...

Giving you direct insight from us, the creators of LocalOne, on the most profitable and effective way to use LocalOne within that niche.

And putting everything you need, direct in your inbox every single month.

And with a new niche to focus on each month – it’s perfect timing to grow, build and expand your LocalOne client base,

(Without overwhelming you)

Opening up new niches and new profits every single month, exactly when you need them.

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